European Pirate Party Formed

The European Pirate Party (PIRATES) was founded today during a session in Brussels where more than 300 pirates from 20 countries participated. The delegates in the meeting elected Amelia Andersdotter (MEP PP) as the first chairperson of the organisation. The European Pirate Party will work on a transnational level with civil rights, net neutrality, integrity, copyright reform, transparency and other key issues.

”In the upcoming years, crucial legislation such as the copyright reform will shape the digital arena, and we will work hard to ensure that Internet remains an open peace project,” Andersdotter says.

The Pirate Party is a growing movement for a free and open Internet, and the sharing of culture and knowledge. The Pirate Parties stand united against the cold cyber war driven by corporate interests and foreign military intelligence interests that threaten the openness and imposes draconic surveillance and legislation that limit the freedom of speech and information.

”The European Pirates will continue to fight for integrity, transparency and a net peace agenda empowering the Internet and its possibilities for all Europeans,” Andersdotter states.”

The manifesto of the European Pirate Party can be found here:

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