The Swedish Pirate Party’s answer to the Rights Alliance’s demands

On February 17th, the
Swedish Pirate Party received a threatening letter from the Rights
Alliance organisation (former Anti-Piracy Bureau). The Rights
Alliance stated that they intended to bring legal action against The
Pirate Party and individual representatives of the party, if the
party did not cease to provide The Pirate Bay with Internet access on
the 26th of February at the latest.

The Leader of The Pirate
Party, Anna Troberg:

– It has been a few very
hectic days, says Troberg. We have had an internal discussion about
the Right Alliance’s threat against the party. The individuals that
would be personal targets of the Rights Alliance’s threats have
discussed the matter with their families. This has, of course, been a
tough emotional process for everyone involved. It is somewhat odd to
realise that your political engagement can come at such a high cost
in Sweden in the year 2013.

– I am therefore very
happy that the anonymous heroes of The Pirate Bay very early on
decided to help The Pirate Party out of the difficult situation.

The Hydra Bay

When the Internet access
through The Pirate Party was threatened, The Pirate Bay chose to move
on and get two completely new Internet connections, both provided by
two sister parties of the Swedish Pirate Party: the newly formed
Norwegian Pirate Party and the Catalonian Pirate Party. To celebrate
the move, the site is sporting a brand new name for a day: “The
Hydra Bay”.

– It is wonderful to be
able to pass on the baton to two sister parties. It is testament to
the pirate movement’s maturity and strength, says Troberg. We help
each other and work with our sight set firmly on the future. Today,
there are more than sixty different Pirate Parties all around the
world. Every cut connection to The Pirate Bay will generate two new

Legal counteraction

The Pirate Party considers
the Rights Alliance’s threat an abuse of the justice system. The
Rights Alliance is counting on superior economic muscle to achieve
two things. Firstly, to scare an economically weaker opponent into
silence with the threat of a costly civil law suit. Or secondly, to
wear the opponent down with a lengthy legal process that drains
money, energy and focus, which in this case means money, energy and
focus drained out of The Pirate Party’s election campaigns for 2014.

– You always have to
chose your battles wisely, says Troberg. It would be crazy to enter a
game where the rules are decided by the other team. The Pirate
Party’s mission is not to produce martyrs for the copyright industry.
Our mission is to create longterm political change that ensures that
the copyright industry in the future will not be allowed to threaten
companies, organisations and individuals into silence with our common
judicial system as a weapon.

Troberg is, however, not a
stranger to the idea of directing the scrutinising eyes of the law at
the Rights Alliance and their action:

– The Pirate Party has a
board meeting in a few days. I will recommend the board to file a
police report against the Rights Alliance for unlawful coercion. It
is important to determine precisely how forgiving the system is to
those who try to abuse the judicial system to silence others.

More information:

The Hydra Bay

The Rights Alliance’s demands (in Swedish)


Troberg, Leader of the Swedish Pirate Party,  +46 704 676 273

Aaslid, Leader of the Norwegian Pirate Party
+47 974 227 07

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