Pirate Founder Honored As Top Global Thinker

Rick Falkvinge, the founder of the first Pirate Party, has been honored as a Top 100 Global Thinker by the magazine Foreign Policy.

The magazine, which specializes in international high-level politics, presents the award annually to the thinkers whose ideas shape our future the most. Other people on this year’s list include Wael Ghonim, Bill Gates, and Mikko Hypponen. Foreign Policy comments on Falkvinge’s accomplishments, in part, with these words (on place 98 in the list):

”…2011 may be remembered as the year Falkvinge’s big idea broke through into the public consciousness. His Pirates still aren’t exactly mainstream, but the issues they focus on — government transparency, Internet privacy, and copyright law — are very much in the zeitgeist, and their ranks are growing. The Swedish and Swiss Pirate parties have aided WikiLeaks, offering the controversial site server space and web hosting; a self-described Pirate Party activist was named secretary of youth and sports in Tunisia’s revolutionary cabinet; and in September, the Pirates won a shocking 8.9 percent of the vote in Berlin’s state elections.”

”Of course, this is an honor”, says Falkvinge when presented with the award. ”I know that the pirate ideas are strong and shape the future, I know that they are the next generation of policies, but it is an honor to have them recognized at this level. Besides, there are tens of thousands of people who now carry and share the pirate ideas, so I see it as recognition of these ideas rather than of myself.”

Two Swedish people have previously made the list: the current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Bildt, and international health professor Hans Rosling. Falkvinge is the only Swede to make the top-100 list of thinkers this year.

Falkvinge is currently inflight to Washington, DC for the award gala.

Links and references

Foreign Policy’s list of top global thinkers 2011.

For more information

Rick Falkvinge, +46 708 303600 (available during stopover in Copenhagen between 0830 and 1145, and then in Washington, DC from 1700 onward)
Anna Troberg, +46 10 3333 401

About Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy is a global magazine of politics, economics, and ideas. Contributors include Secretaries of State like Hillary Clinton.


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